[RFC] WPS2: Add WPS IE to Assoc Resp for cases of WLAN_STA_MAYBE_WPS

Jouni Malinen j
Thu Nov 24 12:12:40 PST 2011

On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 08:22:46PM +0300, Guy Eilam wrote:
> Add a WPS IE to the Association Response even when
> the STA is only maybe trying to connect using WPS.
> This change is needed according to test 4.2.12 in the WSC 2.0
> Testplan.
> A WPS IE is needed even in cases that a station which supports
> WPS1 tries to connect and doesn't have any WPS IE, RSN IE and WPA IE.

Thanks for bringing this up. I don't think this matches completely with
the requirements in the WSC 2.0 specification, though.

> This change might cause the WPS IE to be sent also in an Association
> Response when a STA tries to connect to an Open Network AP (which
> is configured to WPS).

I don't think this is needed and the change does not really need to be
conditional on CONFIG_WPS2 either. I used a bit different way of
addressing this to get closer to the spirit of the WSC 2.0
specification. In other words, WSC IE can be added to the
(Re)Association Response frame if the STA did not include WPA/RSN/WSC IE
in (Re)Association Request frame _and_ WPA/WPA2 is enabled. In that
case, the lack of WPA/RSN IE can be assumed to be a clear enough
indication of use of WPS. For the case of Open Network, (Re)Association
Request frame without WSC IE cannot really be assumed to indicate use of
WPS and I think it is cleaner to not include WSC IE in the
(Re)Association Response frame in that case.

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