[PATCH] P2P return a successful response for p2p presence request if driver has return noa_len greater than 0

Johannes Berg johannes
Mon Nov 21 01:10:04 PST 2011

Hi Neeraj,

> Thanks for your comments. I agree that this area needs a lot of work
> but I think it is safe to return P2P_SC_SUCCESS if curr_noa_len > 0.
> Once nl gives support to these cmds like (get_noa/set_noa), we can
> always revisit the code once it is properly implemented.

I disagree, see below.

> May I ask what is the purpose of returning
> P2P_SC_FAIL_UNABLE_TO_ACCOMMODATE if driver returned noa_len > 0?

If the driver returned noa_len > 0, that means that a NoA schedule is in
effect. That means that we don't know, without parsing the NoA schedule,
whether or not the presence request can be fulfilled. Therefore, we must

With nl80211, unfortunately this logic is broken because the driver
doesn't return a NoA schedule, so noa_len is always == 0 (I think?) and
we shouldn't be returning SUCCESS even in that case because the driver
or device might internally have a NoA schedule in effect.

I'm not convinced that get_noa/set_noa is the right answer to this.
get_noa is virtually impossible to implement in a race-free manner at
least as far as presence requests are confirmed, and set_noa is really
only a testing hook.

I think the right answer may be to ask the driver for each presence
request and return UNABLE_TO_ACCOMODATE if the driver doesn't implement
the function.


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