[PATCH v2] hostap: Support ht-cap over-rides.

Ben Greear greearb
Sat Nov 19 09:47:44 PST 2011

On 11/19/2011 08:42 AM, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 08:03:48AM -0800, Ben Greear wrote:
>> Sure, but the rate algorithms may not optimize perfectly for every
>> user.  If packet loss is very painful (maybe for VOIP?), then
>> it may be worth running at a lower rate for less packet loss?
> Sure, but that should not really have anything to do with
> wpa_supplicant.
>> Why did we allow setting rates in the a/b/g modes (even if not
>> through hostap) ?
> As you point out, that is not in wpa_supplicant.. And neither should
> these HT capability overrides.

Well, as it happens, I agree, but Johannes insisted that I make this
part of the association logic.  If he concurs with moving it back
as an interface setting, I can move all of this to 'iw'.

>> Would it help if I made it something that is only compiled in when
>> the user selects the option in the config file?
> Some, but it does leave the extra maintenance effort and makes code
> uglier.
> Unfortunately, it looks like the HT disabling capability in nl80211 was
> added in a way that in practice requires changes in wpa_supplicant. It
> would have been much easier from my view point if this could have been
> done with iw without having to make wpa_supplicant aware of all the HT
> details. It looks like your patch for wpa_supplicant does not actually
> match with this design since it uses global configuration parameters
> instead of per-network configuration. It is difficult to see why anyone
> would want to use that type of configuration.
> I could see some reasonable use cases for being able to disable HT in a
> network (though, more likely as a per-network rather than global
> parameter). However, anything going beyond that does not sound
> justifiable since we do not provide configuration options for any other
> parameters (like supported rate sets) either for this type of low-level
> radio parameters in wpa_supplicant.

Well, I can move the configurables out of the global portion of the
config file, but that doesn't address the rest of your concerns.


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