Pending patch queue for hostap.git submissions

Jouni Malinen j
Fri Nov 18 02:47:33 PST 2011

There are quite a few patches pending in my review queue and while I'm
trying to go through them as quickly as possible, it may be useful to
provide convenient mechanism for seeing what the current status of a
submitted patch is. There is now a patchwork project for this at

This list shows all the patches posted to the hostap mailing list and
the current state of the patch. "New" indicates that I have not yet done
anything with the patch. "Under Review" means that I've at least seen
the patch and it is waiting to be reviewed. By default, the filter does
not show other states, but you can clear the search filter if you want
to see already processed patches.

The patchwork list includes patches submitted starting from 2011-10-28.
In addition to these, I have maybe 30 or so patches in my private mail
folder waiting for review. These are not visible through patchwork, but
feel free to resubmit them if you want to get them tracked there. There
is no requirement to do this since I do plan on going through them
eventually. Anyway, if you do resubmit them, please take a look at the
CONTRIBUTIONS file in hostap.git (*) and add the Signed-hostap line to
acknowledge the terms described for contributions.


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