[PATCH] Retreive shared frequency when a singly "phy" is shared between multiple interfaces

Johannes Berg johannes
Thu Nov 10 04:12:07 PST 2011

On Thu, 2011-11-10 at 03:31 -0800, Jithu Jance wrote:
> > I'm starting to think that there is a real need for having a P2P
> > abstraction (enable/disable P2P) with P2P device address, but I think
> > that a separate network interface is almost certainly not the right
> > answer.
> I agree with you. We had to do use separate interface since we didn't want 
> to use STA Interface for p2p device address related operations. 

Dare I ask why not?

> And currently there is no way
> for the  supplicant to get the P2P device address from the driver (if P2P
> address is different from the primary mac address). If supplicant can retrieve 
> p2p_dev_addr from driver, then supplicant can be run on wlan0 interface for 
> STA operations and can use the retrieved P2P address for building P2P IE's 
> and for sending P2P action frames. 
> The current patch should address the functionality of retrieving the shared frequency (if we have multiple
> interface shared across a single PHY). This i guess won't break anything else. Would it be possible to take-in this
> patch, at least till the suggested P2P abstraction is implemented. Kindly share your thoughts on this.

I'm not strictly opposed to this patch, but I think you're designing
something that isn't really what will be accepted upstream, the way I
see it you're thus painting yourself into a corner there and it'll
probably be hard to get out of it again.

I was actually thinking about this less from an address point of view
but more from explicitly enabling/disabling p2p etc.


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