[PATCH] Retreive shared frequency when a singly "phy" is shared between multiple interfaces

Johannes Berg johannes
Thu Nov 10 02:26:27 PST 2011

On Thu, 2011-11-10 at 02:08 -0800, Jithu Jance wrote:

> Thanks for your reply. Please correct me, if my understanding is
> wrong. I am talking about a concurrent scenario where we have a legacy
> STA on wlan0 interface(primary MAC address) already in connected
> state. Then we are starting an Autonomous GO by issuing p2p_group_add
> on wlan1(p2p_device_address) interface.

In fact, and now I'm getting sort of off-topic, I really don't like that
approach. Having "wlan1" as the P2P device interface is pretty useless
-- I think it's a workaround approach. That interface can never really
be used to transfer data, so it being a network interface is not very

I'm starting to think that there is a real need for having a P2P
abstraction (enable/disable P2P) with P2P device address, but I think
that a separate network interface is almost certainly not the right


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