Possible to reconnect to AP without restarting wpa_supplicant when using usb interface

Jouni Malinen j
Wed Nov 9 06:17:53 PST 2011

On Mon, Nov 07, 2011 at 02:50:34PM +0100, Johan wrote:
> I am using an Atheros based usb wifi adapter and it works for me to
> connect to my AP with wpa_supplicant 0.7.3.
> But I wonder if I can reconnect with wpa_supplicant without restarting
> wpa_supplicant if I unplug/plug my usb adapter.

This is supposed to work.

> I am really suspicious about the line saying: Ignore event for foreign
> ifindex 36. It seems like wpa_supplicant is not using the right
> interface index.
> Because this is the interface index my usb interface is getting after
> replugging it. (using if_nametoindex("ath0");)

The internal ifindex copy should be updated when the interface comes
back. Which driver and which kernel version are you using?

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