Concurrent P2PGO/STA or AP/STA operations using wpa_suppliant/hostAPD

Atul Joshi Atul.Joshi
Tue Nov 8 20:42:12 PST 2011

Any clarification would be quite helpful

I have a few questions regarding AP code organization in wa_supplicant.
Following is my understanding, could you please confirm if it is correct?
1.      If I  have to use softAP, I don't need to build hostAPd, is this correct? In this case I  need to set CONFIG_AP = yes in .config of the wpa_supplicant and build wpa_supplicant only.
2.      If I  build it as above, can I use the same wpa_supplicant instance to run an STA on vif x and AP on vif y?
3.      If in addition I build wpa_supplicant with CONFIG_P2P, I can start a P2PGO instead of a legacy AP.
4.      softAP functionality is sufficient for a P2PGO and hostAPD is not needed for P2PGO.
5.      hostAP and softAP differ in security method support but other wise all other supports e.g. 11n,11h, the features are the same.
6.      softAP configuration params are specified in wpa_supplicant.conf . While some parameters can be inheried, where does it get other params from, e.g maximum_listen_interval, DTIM period, beacon interval etc?

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