HostAP Digest, Vol 103, Issue 16

uday kiran kaniki.uday
Tue Nov 8 09:50:48 PST 2011

Thanks Pavel Roskin.

I have few more doubts.

The function  , "__ieee80211_data_to_8023()" , is called in
ieee80211_rx_h_data without any conditional check.

What parameters decides the frame conversion ?

Also, direct conversion between TID field in 802.11 to COS field in 802.3 .
I guess that its a direct memcpy of that filed based on frame control field
information. Is this correct ?

Any clues will be of great help.


> Quick search in the Linux kernel sources finds what you are looking for.
> Conversion is done in ieee80211_subif_start_xmit() for transmission and
> in __ieee80211_data_to_8023() for reception.  Both functions are in
> net/mac80211, in files tx.c and rx.c.
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