p2p invite persistent seems to be not working

Piotr.Nakraszewicz at tieto.com Piotr.Nakraszewicz
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Thank you, Jouni.
That was really helpful.

Pozdrawiam / Best regards, 

Piotr Nakraszewicz

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On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 04:07:44PM +0200, Piotr.Nakraszewicz at tieto.com wrote:

> list_networks on both STAs shows only persistent network with id=1
> STA1(ex-GO): p2p_invite persistent=1 peer=<STA2_MAC>
> on STA2 screen we can see:
> <3>P2P-INVITATION-RECEIVED sa=<STA1_MAC> persistent=1
> on STA1 screen we can see:
> and nothing happens.
> Is my scenario wrong or is this a bug?

This all looks fine, so I would assume your assumptions on what is
supposed to happen here does not match with the design. By default,
invitations are not accepted automatically and you would need authorize
the invitation by starting the group at STA2 in this case. The status=1
response to STA1 indicates that the invitation was not pre-authorized by
the user. If you want invitations to be accepted automatically, you can
configure wpa_supplicant to do so by enabling persistent reconnection
(persistent_reconnect=1). In that case, STA2 would have accepted the
invitation automatically.

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