p2p invite persistent seems to be not working

Piotr.Nakraszewicz at tieto.com Piotr.Nakraszewicz
Fri Mar 25 07:07:44 PDT 2011


Problem connected with p2p invite persistent.

Test environment: two laptops with Atheros 9k.


STA1: p2p_find
STA2: p2p_find
STA1: p2p_connect <STA2_MAC> pbc persistent
STA2: p2p_connect <STA1_MAC> pbc persistent

persistent group formed, connected

STA1(GO): p2p_group remove <interface>
STA2: remove_network <id>

list_networks on both STAs shows only persistent network with id=1

STA1(ex-GO): p2p_invite persistent=1 peer=<STA2_MAC>

on STA2 screen we can see:
<3>P2P-INVITATION-RECEIVED sa=<STA1_MAC> persistent=1

on STA1 screen we can see:

and nothing happens.

Is my scenario wrong or is this a bug?

Best regards,

Piotr Nakraszewicz

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