Wpa_supplicant -enabling Wifi-Direct and normal Wi-fi at the same time on Android

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I would like to enable Wifi-Direct and Wi-fi Infrastructure mode at the
same time on Android. (It might seem strange, because every device(STA)
can associate with real AP once is there, but I need it for testing some
services and demos). 

If I understood correctly to wpa_supplicant functionality, it allows
control drivers through wpa_supplicant .conf file. And wpa_supplicant
uses cfg80211, which works like softMAC(? I guess...) and it is part of
the drivers, which are compatible with wpa_supplicant functionality (I
guess all vendors of Wi-fi chipset on devices running android 2.2 and

Basically, Android 2.2 has app, which can enable Tethering over Wifi
based on Wifi-Direct technology, but allows tethering only over 3G and
normal Wi-fi must be disabled!

I would like to have ON both Wi-fi modes at the same time, thus my Nexus
will be associated as STA with normal AP and meanwhile will work as AP
for other devices!

I do not know whether it is possible without changes in kernel (If not,
what should be change to make it working). Also I do not know whether is
such dual mode supported by actual drivers. This feature (to be STA for
one network and AP of another network at the same time) is part of the
Wi-fi Direct standard, but it is optional, so it might not be supported
even on the certified devices!


If you know whether it is possible or how to make it working, please
help me out!


It seems that cfg80211 is able to virtualize device but I wonder whether
it is possible to create two virtual devices and make them running.
Also, I am not sure whether it is the easiest and correct way. My Nexus
(rooted, Android 2.2.1) uses Broadcom 4329 Wifi +BT chip.


Thanks a lot,








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