invalid frame problem

austin wonderly lacrosse1991
Sun Jul 24 19:20:50 PDT 2011


I am currently encountering a very frustrating problem on a new build that
is running hostapd. about once every couple of hrs, the wireless network
becomes unresponsive and will not resume normal operation until i restart
hostapd, when i did deep debug mode it seems that this message corresponds
along with when hostapd goes down:
wlan0: STA 00:22:fb:41:c3:b4 IEEE 802.11: handle_action - unknown action
category 3 or invalid frame
 IEEE 802.11: Return unknown Action frame back to sender

ive searched around but have not been able to find a solution for
my dilemma, so i was wondering if you guys would be able to help me as i am
confused as to what i should do, thanks!

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