Random disconnects

Nejc Škoberne nejc
Sat Jul 23 03:39:32 PDT 2011

Hey again,

> the reason was would be to look at driver debug information (or
> potentially a capture file from a sniffer).

The driver debug information is here:


> This one would need a sniffer to see what exactly was transmitted.. It
> looks like there could be mismatch in association state between the AP
> and the station and reassociation not being reported to wpa_supplicant
> or just some other odd frame loss that could end up with the station not
> receiving all the frames. The AP seems to stop sending EAPOL-Key frames
> (or well, at least they are not indicated all the way to
> wpa_supplicant), but there is no disconnection event which should show
> up if the maximum retry attempt is reached.

Since the CPE is on a tree I am unable to sniff the packets with my 
laptop (I get no signal from AP on the ground). Is there any other way 
to sniff in 802_11 mode?


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