[PATCH] wpa_supplicant: fix call to preauth candidate list generation

Guy Eilam guy
Sun Jul 17 14:13:27 PDT 2011

Moved the call to the processing of the scan results for
RSN pre-authentication candidates to an earlier position.
This call was ignored most of the times due to a skip that
is issues whenever the supplicant decides that there is no
need to roam.

Signed-off-by: Guy Eilam <guy at wizery.com>
 wpa_supplicant/events.c |    2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/wpa_supplicant/events.c b/wpa_supplicant/events.c
index e58abdc..df36548 100644
--- a/wpa_supplicant/events.c
+++ b/wpa_supplicant/events.c
@@ -949,10 +949,10 @@ static int _wpa_supplicant_event_scan_results(struct wpa_supplicant *wpa_s,
 		skip = !wpa_supplicant_need_to_roam(wpa_s, selected, ssid,
+		wpa_supplicant_rsn_preauth_scan_results(wpa_s);
 		if (skip)
 			return 0;
 		wpa_supplicant_connect(wpa_s, selected, ssid);
-		wpa_supplicant_rsn_preauth_scan_results(wpa_s);
 	} else {
 		wpa_dbg(wpa_s, MSG_DEBUG, "No suitable network found");

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