bss_max_count needed in real-world scenario

Ben Greear greearb
Sat Jul 16 08:31:28 PDT 2011

On 07/16/2011 03:31 AM, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 10:56:13AM -0700, Ben Greear wrote:
>> On 07/11/2011 10:48 AM, Jouni Malinen wrote:
>>> I think that a better approach would be to make wpa_bss_add() more
>>> clever on which old entry to remove when adding a new one.
>> Ok, that sounds fine to me.  That would have probably fixed the
>> problem in this case, though they also had a very large number of
>> APs with same SSID.
> That does not matter unless you are specifically selecting a single AP
> based on BSSID and if you do that in an environment with over 200 APs
> with the same SSID, it sounds like a special enough case to require
> bss_max_count configuration. I implemented SSID-based selection in bss.c
> and I would expect that to cover common cases.

Ok, in my case, they were selecting based on BSSID, though it didn't work with
using 'any' either.  It very well may have worked with your patch, but I have
no way to test that now.  For my particular use, I'll just always set bss_max_count
high.  As long as you think it will work for normal-ish
users that are just using standard OS configs and tools then I think everything
will be fine.



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