Testing Auto Channel Selection in hostapd

Swaminathan Vasanth Rajaraman swaminathanvasanth.r
Fri Jul 15 03:40:39 PDT 2011


 I am trying to enable the Auto Channel Selection in hostapd with ath5k and
ath9k drivers. I cloned the source of hostap from the git and applied the
patch (
I then went to the hostapd directory of hostap and did make and make
install. Followed instruction from (

While building the software i enabled CONFIG_ACS=y in  the defconfig file
present in /hostap/hostapd/ to .config and performed the build. I then did a
make install and configured the hostapd.conf file.

Hostapd is working fine for me without ACS but when i enable channel=0 or
channel=acs_survey and uncomment the


options for ACS to be enabled it throws this error when starting hostapd,

> sudo hostapd hostapd.conf

Configuration file: hostapd.conf
Line 113: set as '0' tries to enable ACS but CONFIG_ACS disabled
Line 125: invalid acs_num_req_surveys 10 (CONFIG_ACS disabled)
Line 126: invalid acs_roc_duration_ms 5 (CONFIG_ACS disabled)1..5000)
3 errors found in configuration file 'hostapd.conf'

Infact i enabled CONFIG_ACS when building.

Any pointers on what to do to enable ACS please.

Awaiting your kind reply.


Best Regards,
Swaminathan Vasanth Rajaraman
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