Fwd: Automatic channel selection implementation of hostapd in ath9k driver

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Mon Jul 4 08:05:28 PDT 2011

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Date: Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 5:33 PM
Subject: Automatic channel selection implementation of ath9k driver
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Hi Friends,

 Hope all are doing good. I have a doubt regarding dynamic channel
allocation for atheros ath9k. I am currently trying to find out the channels
used by the nearby Access Points during the boot phase.
 I came to know that some are working in the same mainly on hostapd.


I am trying to do the same with ath9k driver. Is there any working on the
same or having any experience of it?

Cisco has done it with a concept called controllers.

Reference : http://www.mywi-fi.info/2010/05/dynamic-channel-assignment.html

Any help and pointers for doing something like this with ath9k is much

Awaiting your kind reply.


Best Regards,
Swaminathan Vasanth Rajaraman

Best Regards,
Swaminathan Vasanth Rajaraman
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