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Wed Jan 26 18:46:16 PST 2011

iwevent), and the AP does send the first EAPOL Key packet (viewed live
in wireshark). (In some runs, it may indeed send several such
packets.) But the next netlink event never seems to arrive -- based on
my incomplete reading of the code. So the timer eventually times out
-- while AP EAPOL packets keep coming.


> > 1310857498.784927: Authentication with 00:17:df:2c:c9:e2 timed out.
> > 1310857498.786611: BSSID 00:17:df:2c:c9:e2 blacklist count incremented to 2
> > 1310857498.786967: No keys have been configured - skip key clearing
> > 1310857498.787117: State: 4WAY_HANDSHAKE -> DISCONNECTED
> This one would need a sniffer to see what exactly was transmitted.. It
> looks like there could be mismatch in association state between the AP
> and the station and reassociation not being reported to wpa_supplicant
> or just some other odd frame loss that could end up with the station not
> receiving all the frames. The AP seems to stop sending EAPOL-Key frames
> (or well, at least they are not indicated all the way to
> wpa_supplicant), but there is no disconnection event which should show
> up if the maximum retry attempt is reached.
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