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bogus at bogus at
Wed Jan 26 18:46:16 PST 2011

the old AP. Issuing the same command again most of the times=20
leads to a change to the new AP.
Similar results I get with "roam": severe delay and in around=20
one third of the trials the STA does not change the AP.

Many times I see messages in wpa_cli
<3>SME: Trying to authenticate with 02:00:...
<3>SME: Authentication request to the driver failed
followed by messages about scan and successful association.

Is the delay described above due to a scan issued by=20
How do I find out about the way wpa_supplicant makes decisions
about changing the AP?

Now about loosing connection:
After stopping and starting one of the APs=2C the STA cannot=20
roam to that AP. The target AP says:=20
FT: Did not have matching PMK-R1 and unknown R0KH-ID
and responds with a status 53. So roaming is not possible.
Currently I can only stop and restart the supplicant to solve=20
that problem.



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