Any idea why hostapd won't send wmm_param elements?

Johannes Berg johannes
Mon Jan 31 10:30:36 PST 2011

On Mon, 2011-01-31 at 23:48 +0530, Md Sohail Ahmad wrote:
> #1: An HT STA is also a QoS STA.
> From Section 5.2.9 in IEEE P802.11n/D9.0, March 2009

We found this one as well -- it's not exactly clear though, and the
standard isn't entirely consistent. Also, QoS != WMM.

> #2: Support for the reception of an A-MSDU is mandatory for an HT STA.
> The A-MSDU is always carried in a QoS data MPDU with Ack Policy set to
> Normal Ack.
> From Section 9.7c in IEEE P802.11n/D9.0, March 2009 

Interesting. We hadn't considered this. But it isn't exactly clear that
this means that it has to "enable" QoS/WMM, or just be capable of
receiving it.


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