the problems in eap-aka testing

彦 张 yzhang0528
Mon Jan 31 01:35:36 PST 2011

Hi, Jouni,
Thank you for reply about the problem of Authenticator, but I have no idear about it.
Now I started to test eap-aka with the authenticator works fine, I have the following two issues:
1. I set the hostapd.eap_user as you advice:
"0"* AKA
"2"* AKA
"4"* AKA
and I'm sure the identity[0] = '0'(the identity from xsupplicant), but the debug log is:
EAP-AKA: Permanent user name not known - send AKA-Identity request
I think the user name should be same as the user in hostapd.eap_user,why the user name is still unknown?
when identity[0] == EAP_SIM_PERMANENT_PREFIX, the return value of eap_sim_db_identity_known() is -1 forever.
Need we edit the function at /*TODO*/?
2.  now I used xsupplicant, but when it received aka chanllenge, but not support AT_IV attribute when got it, and then
     stopped the authentication, Could you give me some advices according to your experience?
Thanks very much.
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