Radius server reject invaild request from authenticator

彦 张 yzhang0528
Sat Jan 29 22:21:36 PST 2011

Thank you for your rely, and I have a big progress.
But now I have aquestion:  If hostapd as radius server has some requirements for authenticator?
I tried two authenticators, one is ok, but radius server received the first message from another authenticator, I attached the log:
Could you help me ansysize it?
RADIUS SRV: Received 141 bytes from
RADIUS SRV: Received data - hexdump(len=141): xxxxxxxxxx
RADIUS message: code=1 (Access-Request) identifier=0 length=141
   Attribute 1 (User-Name) length=28
      Value: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
   Attribute 4 (NAS-IP-Address) length=6
      Value: xxxxxxxxxx
   Attribute 31 (Calling-Station-Id) length=8
      Value: ' xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
   Attribute 61 (NAS-Port-Type) length=6
      Value: 27
   Attribute 12 (Framed-MTU) length=4
      Invalid INT32 length 2
   Attribute 24 (State) length=18
      Value: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
   Attribute 79 (EAP-Message) length=33
      Value: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   Attribute 80 (Message-Authenticator) length=18
      Value: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
RADIUS SRV: State attribute included but no session found
RADIUS SRV: Reject invalid request from
RADIUS message: code=3 (Access-Reject) identifier=0 length=44
   Attribute 79 (EAP-Message) length=6
      Value: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
   Attribute 80 (Message-Authenticator) length=18
      Value: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  		 	   		  
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