WDS configuration (can't find any info)

newuse at qip.ru newuse
Thu Jan 20 18:20:23 PST 2011

Hi, I am new with hostapd, I have googled but, have not find
any config examples :(
I am running APs with Atheros chips and madwifi driver, 
and I need WDS+AP mode with WPA or WPA2 encryptions, it seems working on
OpenWRT, but I can't find non OpenWRT configs :((

So, if I have correctly understand, in this mode is used two Virtual Wireless
Interfaces, first one in AP mode and the second in client mode,
So, to configure WDS-Station I should enter MAC of  AP in bssid field of
wpa_supplicant config file, and where should  I enter MACs of
WDS-clients  in  hostapd configuration?  or I should 
restrict  WDS-access via other software?

Please, point me to any examples of configuring WDS+AP mode with WPA or WPA2 encryption?

Sorry for my English,

Best Regards,
Alex from Russia.

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