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uday kiran kaniki.uday
Thu Aug 25 06:38:04 PDT 2011

>  On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 08:20:55PM +0530, uday kiran wrote:
> > When i run hostapd with the specific .conf file, i have specfied
> > driver=madwifi in the conf file. But it is throwing error as "Line 2:
> > invalid/unknown driver 'madwifi' ".
> mac80211_hwsim has nothing to do with madwifi.
> > Will mac80211_hwsim run without any driver dependency ?
> Yes, but you will need to use driver=nl80211 in hostapd.conf to
> interface with it.
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I am able to successfully establish communication between two radios(one for
AP and other for client) . And I am able to see the authentication and
association between them.

Now I am trying to send data traffic from client to AP.
For that , I am not clear how to interface with wpa_supplicant , so that
when i send a frame from my stub , it will go to wpa_supplicant and finally
to AP encrypted.

Could some one give pointers on how to proceed with my test ?

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