HostAP Digest, Vol 100, Issue 26

uday kiran kaniki.uday
Wed Aug 17 07:06:53 PDT 2011

> > Where did you read that? AES is defined for multiple key lengths, but
> CCMP is only defined for the case where a 128-bit key is used.
> Sorry Jouni , I got confused with AES key lengths.

Is RFC 3610 the one that talks about CCMP ?

In the given RFC, there is mention in the introduction section that CCMP can
be extended to other block sizes.
If I want to implement 192,256 key lenght support , then does it require
support from hardware ? I am asking this question because i am assuming that
key length is not dependent on hardware .Please clarify .

Thank you very much for your prompt reply . It's helping me a lot to
understand the things faster. :)

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