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Wed Aug 17 02:45:59 PDT 2011

On 16/08/2011 21:23, Grant wrote:
> What a drag.  So no Linux AP is capable of operating on any 5Ghz channel?
> For when I travel outside of the US, EU, and Japan, can this be
> overridden with a kernel patch?  If so, is such a patch available?

I presume this is driven by the CRDA regulatory stuff? (Please correct me?)

If you are using some modern distro then it's probably done in userspace
using the crda service (more on the wiki). If you are building your own
then you can compile into the kernel your own regional settings (ie what
*you* are allowed to use) by editing: linux/net/wireless/db.txt

My observation is that this is a tricky thing to watch - if you are near
some accesspoint which is broadcasting (whatever the standard is called)
it's compliance country code, then something is reading this and
switching your country code accordingly. As such give some thought to a)
rogue access points with duff settings and b) that any edits you make to
represent your own allowed channels go into the correct country code

However, my reading of the DFS stuff is that it applies to only *some*
of the 5Ghz channels.  OK, yours are disabled, but is it not possible to
implement a 5Ghz AP in the uk if you avoid the DFS channels of 5250-5350
and 5470-5725?

Ed W

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