Looking for error message

Ed W lists
Wed Aug 17 02:21:40 PDT 2011

On 17/08/2011 00:09, sven falempin wrote:
> Using old version (6) i found out the channel must be set (really?)
> The old version was not able to handle ath9k though
> but now it's ok
> Please increase verbosity in version 7 :)

I just posted basically the same thing about 3 hours before you

If there is any tiny problem with the config file (and this seems to
also mean something valid for hostapd, but not the wireless driver),
then hostapd fails to start but without any output.  Debugging why seems
to be just trial and error - I can't figure out how to get any error logs?

Perhaps there is some workaround by enabling driver debugging messages?
 Perhaps some trick in examining strace?

I haven't tried latest git - should users really be using that right now?


Ed W

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