regarding the 4-way handshake code in hostapd

dinesh yadav yadav.din
Mon Apr 25 06:29:21 PDT 2011

I want to know the name of the functions which are used for sending
the 1st and 3rd message of 4-way handshake.
as 2nd and 4th messages are sent by the functions
wpa_supplicant_send_2_4 (...) and wpa_supplicant_send_4_4.

I also want to know If there is a possibility of making a laptop
access point and other laptop supplicant without having the real WPA
wifi network. I only want to use 2 laptops and set up WPA - PSK
So please can u give me the configuration files of hostapd and
wpa_supplicant and other things which u think are needed.
reply asap

Dinesh Yadav

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