[RFC] wpa_supplicant: add fast reconnect support

Johannes Berg johannes
Thu Apr 21 07:53:10 PDT 2011

On Thu, 2011-04-21 at 16:51 +0200, Johannes Berg wrote:

> > nl80211-based devices use the code in sme.c which returns -EBUSY for
> > this case.  I looked at changing all the driver routines to do this
> > but punted.  What's there now should work for all devices; but only
> > those that use the user-mode sme code will benefit.
> Hmm, no, there's no scanning code in sme.c. You modified mlme.c to
> return -EBUSY, but that code doesn't end up being used except for
> driver_test, so you get the driver's return value here. It just ends up
> working because nl80211 driver does in fact return the code.

I completely agree with your conclusion of course, but it's kinda hard
to understand why it actually works :)


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