iwlagn / wpa_supplicant issue

Fabio Coatti fabio.coatti
Wed Apr 20 02:36:52 PDT 2011

>> Can some developer please confirm whether it's considered to be outside
>> of hostapd's job to bring up the interface? ?This is most noticable with
>> wireless adaptors where some drivers seem to bring up the interface and
>> others don't.
>> Further I notice that current released hostapd takes down the device
>> when it's stopped, but doesn't bring it up again on start. ?For me at
>> least (assuming this happens to everyone?) this means that restarting
>> hostapd fails on my system? (mac80211 using ath5k)
>> It would be useful to know what's *supposed* to happen please? ?Are we
>> supposed to bring up the interface first?
> No, but you're supposed to first take care that rfkill isn't blocking
> it.

Not sure to understand exactly how this relates to the issue that I'm
experiencing: besides that rfkill in my case is not an issue (wifi was
on and rfkill off), this has to be read "it depends on the driver"? in
this case I guess we have a problem: how can wpa (thus the end user)
be sure to act correctly to connect to wifi? basically from what i
read no one in the stack is taking care of this...

Sorry if I made bad mistakes, of course.


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