iwlagn / wpa_supplicant issue

Ed W lists
Tue Apr 19 14:28:50 PDT 2011

On 17/04/2011 09:20, Fabio Coatti wrote:
>> I think if you check you will see that the interface isn't up?  Issuing
>> "ifconfig wlan0 up" and now wpa_supplicant works fine?
> Yes, I see that the interface is down, but no 'ifconfig wlan0 up' nor
> 'ip link set wlan0 up' works.
> the interface remains down.

Can some developer please confirm whether it's considered to be outside
of hostapd's job to bring up the interface?  This is most noticable with
wireless adaptors where some drivers seem to bring up the interface and
others don't.

Further I notice that current released hostapd takes down the device
when it's stopped, but doesn't bring it up again on start.  For me at
least (assuming this happens to everyone?) this means that restarting
hostapd fails on my system? (mac80211 using ath5k)

It would be useful to know what's *supposed* to happen please?  Are we
supposed to bring up the interface first?


Ed W

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