Retrieving list of currently associated stations with hostapd

Adrien Decostre ad.decostre
Mon Apr 11 03:39:38 PDT 2011

Hello all,

I am currently testing Hostapd v0.7.3 to build an embedded 802.11n access
point (based on a Debian 2.6.38 kernel). Hostapd itself works fine: clients
can be associated under WPA encryption without any notable problem.

The problem is that I would like some tools to monitor the WiFi network from
the AP. For example, I would like to be able to retrieve the list of all
clients currently associated with the AP. Is such a features already
implemented in hostapd?

Do I need to implement it myself by using the hostapd control interface?

 Thanks in advance for any answers or advices.

 Best regards
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