Hostapd with bonding

Ed W lists
Thu Apr 7 03:39:16 PDT 2011

On 06/04/2011 22:55, Antonio Iglesias wrote:
> Hi Ed, thanks for your reply!
> What I want is to set up a only instance of hostapd working with various
> NICs as a unique AP, in a same channel and SSID, and so the clients will
> see only an AP near they, but with more capacity or load balance. I
> don't want a client see various AP. My questios is if hostapd can be
> configured to do this. It's very important for me, I'm working about
> this for my final work of degree.

Surely the limitation here is the client?

I think your network infrastructure is unclear - draw out what you are
trying to achieve. It's not clear if the limitation is client to AP or
AP to ... downstream?

Hostapd can only work within the limitations of wireless networking, so
for example you can put three radio cards in a box and run three APs on
three different freqs.  If your clients only have one radio each then
they can only ever connect at one freq! Your problem boils down to how
to distribute them across the 3 APs - some options:

- Clients told to associate with specific AP
- Clients have some heuristic and client software which probes APs to
determine "best"
- Possibly hostapd could blacklist various clients from connecting,
thereby allowing you to control which client connects to which AP from
the AP side? (ie blacklist client X from all APs except the one you want
them on)

Good luck

Ed W

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