EAPOL Key timeout

Kucherenko Valeriy darkside_ua
Fri Apr 1 17:17:22 PDT 2011


I'm using hostapd compiled from git and have a problem connecting to AP with Intel Centrino 6200AGN under Window 7. When the session is established the key negotiation works fine, but on next GTK rekey I always got EAPOL Key timeout that cause connection break. This loops again all the time.

Today I have checked the hostapd git repo and found a commit from Jouni Malinen "Work around SNonce updates on EAPOL-Key 1/4 retransmission" that theoretically could fix this problem. I've make a build from this snapshot, but the problem still persist.

I'm also noticed that this problem only occurs when 80211n mode (HT20) is enabled. HT40 works bad at all :(

I'm tryed to increase value of eapol_key_timeout_first and eapol_key_timeout_subseq constants in wpa_auth.c but no good.

Please, help with this issue. If you need more info like debug output or smth else - I will provide it.


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