use wpa_supplicant without OpenSSL and GNU-TLS

jingzhao.ou jingzhao.ou
Thu Sep 23 11:48:42 PDT 2010

Hi, all,

I am new to wireless and wpa_supplicant. Your help is highly appreciated.

I need to apply security to a small wireless client node. The node has very
limited RAM/ROM space. Having OpenSSL or GNU-TLS would be too much for the
chip. I wonder whether it is possible to use wpa_supplicant without OpenSSL

Here is my understanding. I can use WPA for authentication and TKIP for link
layer security. I can skip SSL for network layer security. In this case,
there is no need to use OpenSSL. wpa_supplicant alone is good enough for

If I really need OpenSSL, how difficult to replace OpenSSL with some
embedded encryption libraries like MatrixSSL or cryptlib?

Can any one share your opinions with me?

Thanks a lot!
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