[PATCH] fix rogue disconnect issues w/WPA2 Enterprise networks

Hendrik Beijeman hbeijeman
Wed Sep 22 00:54:38 PDT 2010

> That's clearly not the right fix though, since disconnect events are a
> normal part of life.  This smells more like a driver problem...  Can you
> get driver debugging at all?
I suppose i could get some driver (wext, iwlagn) debug. However, I've
connected to numerous APs without any problem at all, though these were
simple WPA-personal networks. The one that gives me all the grief is a
complicated one; WPA2 enterprise, AES, PEAP/MSCHAPv2. I can easily
verify & reproduce that this patch makes the connection stable again.

The driver receives SIOCGIWAP (get AP mac), and when it turns out to be
0 it disassociates, even though its already associated to another AP?

Any pointers where I can look for more information to understand whats
going on?



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