Unable to use channel

Pavel Roskin proski
Mon Sep 13 08:40:15 PDT 2010

On 09/13/10 03:18, Alan wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 12:06 PM, Alan<lameventanas at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Hello people,
>> I'm trying to set up an access point based on a Broadcom 4318 wifi
>> card and Linux.
>> After setting up the wlan0 interface I try to start hostapd 0.7.3, but
>> it doesn't work:
>> bash# hostapd -B -P /var/run/hostapd-wlan0.pid /etc/hostapd-wlan0.conf
>> Configuration file: /etc/hostapd-wlan0.conf
>> Could not set channel for kernel driver
>> wlan0: Unable to setup interface.
>> rmdir[ctrl_interface]: No such file or directory
> I just found out that it works if I set ieee80211n=0.

Thank you for finding it!  I guess hostapd should give a more 
informative error message in this case.

> So here it is, in case anyone else has this problem.
> By the way, can anybody recommend me a mini-pci (not pcie) 802.11n
> card that works in Linux?

Look for AR9220 and AR9223 (that's Atheros chipset supported by ath9k).

Pavel Roskin

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