How many security association wpa_supplicant can handle at a time?

Dan Williams dcbw
Sun Sep 12 21:33:26 PDT 2010

On Sun, 2010-09-12 at 10:10 +0530, Vijay Swami wrote:
> Hi,
>    My application is interacting with different RAT at a time. I am
> using
> the wpa_supplicant for authentication with Access Points of those RATS
> (WiMAX,WLAN). I need bit clarification on folllowing things:
> 1) If wpa_supplicant recieve the challange from WiMAX and WLAN access
> point
> at same time .
> 2) Suppose security negotiations are going on with one Access Point of
> WLAN and during that time application recives the challange from WiMAX
> Access point also
> 3) Suppose it recieves the challange from multiple WLAN Access Point
> at the
> same time.
>    Alll above situations are practical. Is all those things are
> handeled in
> current implementaion of wpa_supplicant?  If not then how to implement
> above
> things?

I assume the wifi and wimax are on different network interfaces?  If so,
then they are completely separate and the supplicant can handle as many
associations at a time as it has been given interfaces.

For example, you can definitely have two wifi adapters in your machine,
and run one supplicant that drives both interfaces.  Internally, both
interfaces are separate and both interfaces can maintain completely
different security associations at the same time.


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