hostapd/wpa_supplicant - new stable release v0.7.3

Jouni Malinen j
Tue Sep 7 10:20:55 PDT 2010

New versions of wpa_supplicant and hostapd were just
released and are now available from

This release moves 0.7.x branch from development to stable status. In
other words, from now on, 0.7.x versions are the latest available
stable releases. 0.6.x branch continues to be supported, but it is
moving more towards only including critical fixes. Earlier branches
have reached end-of-life and no new releases are expected from those
branches. Users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to 0.6.10 or 0.7.3
if they are still using older versions.

0.7.x development is in its own Git tree (hostap-07.git) and
hostap.git continues to be the place for main development and for
eventual 0.8.x releases.

* fixed re-association after WPS not initializing WPA state machine in
  some cases
* fixed WPS IE update on reconfiguration
* fixed WPS code not to proxy Probe Request frames for foreign SSIDs
* added WPS workaround for open networks and some known interop issues
* fixed WPS Diffie-Hellman derivation to use correct public key length
* fixed FT RRB messages on big endian CPUs
* changed WPS protection for brute force AP PIN attacks to disable AP
  PIN only temporarily (but with increasing time) to avoid usability
  issues on Label-only devices
* added wps_ap_pin command for more secure handling of AP PIN
  operations (e.g., to generate a random AP PIN and only use it for
  short amount of time)
* fixed HT STBC negotiation

* fixed fallback from failed PMKSA caching into full EAP authentication
  [Bug 355]
* fixed issue with early D-Bus signals during initialization
* fixed X.509 name handling in internal TLS
* fixed WPS ER to use corrent Enrollee MAC Address in Credential
* fixed scanning routines ot improve AP selection for WPS
* added WPS workaround for open networks
* fixed WPS Diffie-Hellman derivation to use correct public key length
* fixed wpa_supplicant AP mode operations to ignore Supplicant and
  scan result events
* improved SME operations with nl80211
* fixed WPS ER event_id handling in some cases
* fixed some issues with bgscan simple to avoid unnecessary scans
* fixed issue with l2_packet_ndis overlapped writes corrupting stack
  [Bug 328]
* updated WinPcap to the latest stable version 4.1.2 in Windows

git shortlog for 0.7.2 -> 0.7.3:

Andriy Tkachuk (1):
      Update WPS IE on hostapd reconfiguration

Daniel Gryniewicz (1):
      Fix RSN preauth candidate list clearing to avoid segfaults

Helmut Schaa (1):
      hostapd: enable STBC only for STBC capable STAs

Johannes Berg (1):
      nl80211: Remove unused pending_send_action

Jouni Malinen (61):
      Fix WPA state machine initialization on WPA_REAUTH if needed
      Fix EAPOL_SM_USES_WPA flag to be set correctly
      Fix fallback from failed PMKSA caching into full EAP authentication
      hostapd: Reorder some IEs to get closer to IEEE 802.11 standard
      Fix CONFIG_AP=y build without CONFIG_IEEE8021X_EAPOL=y
      Skip D-Bus signals if the dbus_path is not yet set
      Fix a typo in unused attribute name
      Internal TLS: Add domainComponent parser for X.509 names
      Internal TLS: Fix X.509 name handling to use sequency of attributes
      Fix WPS attribute parser to use correct pointer for Response Type
      Reassemble WPS IE(s) in (Re)Association Request if needed
      Add WPS IE into (Re)Association Response frame if WPS is used
      WPS ER: Fix Credential to use correct Enrollee MAC Address
      atheros: Fix WPA/802.1X disabling to clear Privacy flag
      eloop: Fix crash on signal handler cancelling next timeout
      Fix driver operation order in configuration reloading
      WPS: Do not proxy Probe Request frames to foreign SSIDs to Registrars
      Fix scan_runs counting
      WPS: Add workaround for missing Network Key attribute
      OpenSSL: Fix public key length in DH group 5 operations
      WPS: Add a workaround for parsing M1 from OS X 10.6
      WPS: Add a workaround for OS X 10.6.3 and .4 (use PSK, not passphrase)
      FT: Fix RRB messages to use correct endianness
      Fix a typo in Disassociation frame building
      Fix wpa_supplicant AP mode to ignore EAPOL Supplicant port callback
      Verify that l2_packet is initialized before notification call
      SME: Retry scan after authentication failure
      SME: Do not skip initial scan request
      Ignore scan results in wpa_supplicant AP mode
      WPS: Limit WPS ER event_id < 2^31 bits to avoid issues with atoi()
      WPS: Force disconnection after provisioning step
      WPS: Reduce client timeout with EAP-WSC to avoid long wait
      WPS: Move from WLAN_STA_MAYBE_WPS to WLAN_STA_WPS based on EAP messages
      Remove get-first-scan-results-before-request optimization
      FT: Send RRB data directly when managed by same hostapd process
      WPS: Allow AP to start in Enrollee mode without AP PIN for probing
      Fix memory leak in AP WEP key configuration
      dbus: Deauthenticate instead of disassociate on disconnect command
      EAP-FAST server: Add I-ID into PAC-Info
      WPS: Use WSC_NACK if no device password is known on M2 RX
      WPS: Do not disable AP PIN permanently, only slow down attacks
      Remove unused ieee802_11_send_deauth()
      WPS: Add support for dynamic AP PIN management
      WPS: Optimize M2 processing in AP Setup Locked case
      Cancel authentication timeout on local deauth/disassoc request
      bgscan simple: Skip immediate scan on initial signal event
      winreg: Get rid of compiler warning
      l2_packet_ndis: Fix overlapped write not to corrupt stack
      Add libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll to the Windows installation package
      Update WinPcap to the latest stable version 4.1.2
      wpa_gui-qt4: Update copyright years to include 2010
      WPS: Use more defensive design to avoid theoretical NULL deref
      wpa_supplicant AP: Make sure deauth/disassoc event is valid
      dbus: Verify WPA/RSN IE parser result before returning data
      Fix hostapd build with CONFIG_IEEE80211N but without NEED_AP_MLME
      Fix segfault in hostapd_eid_ht_capabilities() with some drivers
      atheros: Deinit l2_packet sock_xmit on error path
      atheros: Fix driver deinit function to be run
      Indicate Barker Preamble Mode in ERP IE also based on local configuration
      WPS: Fix hostapd build without CONFIG_WPS_UPNP
      Preparations for 0.7.3 release

Kel Modderman (2):
      Fix enabling of networks while another network is being used
      wpa_gui-qt4: Fix network selection

Masashi Honma (3):
      Fix: AP mode wpa_supplicant build
      WPS: Fix unused variable warning
      trace: Fix void pointer arithmetic

Paul Stewart (1):
      nl80211: Ignore "DEAUTH" messages from APs we are not associated to

Sam Leffler (1):
      Fix bgscan stopping after dissassociation

Samuel Ortiz (2):
      sme: Try all authentication algorithms when the first one fails
      sme: Check for prev_bssid from sme_event_disassoc

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