Does hostapd recognize realms?

Panagiotis Georgopoulos panos
Mon Sep 6 09:05:27 PDT 2010

Hello all,


                In my network setup I have hostapd running as an access
point authenticating a client that runs wpa_supplicant in EAP-TTLS mode.
When hostapd gets the eap-ttls packets it forwards them to an AAA server
based on the IP that I have set in the RADIUS client configuration of


                This all works fine, however, I want to be able to do the
authentication using realms in the initial client's request (e.g.
anonymous at would go to AAAisp1, whereas anonymous at would go
to, or by using IP addresses e.g. anonymous at I
realize that the theoretical model here would be that hostapd would forward
the client's packets to its local AAA server and the local AAA server would
recognize the realm and forward it appropriately to the AAA server of the
foreign network based on the realm. Is there any way to bypass the need for
a local AAA server that plays the role of the proxy and getting hostapd to
forward the packets appropriately based on the realm?


                I am asking since hostapd has the functionality of an
internal AAA server.


                Thanks a lot in advance,






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