P2P: Joining to existing P2P Group causes Linux kernel panic

Masashi Honma honma
Thu Nov 25 23:31:26 PST 2010


Joining P2P device to existing P2P Group (made by "p2p_group_add"
command) causes Linux kernel panic on P2P Group owner.

This is my command history.

GO side
# ./wpa_cli -i wlan0 p2p_group_add

P2P Client side
# ./wpa_cli -i wlan0 p2p_find
# ./wpa_cli -i wlan0 p2p_peers
# ./wpa_cli -i wlan0 p2p_connect 00:22:43:4c:10:fa pbc

GO side
# ./wpa_cli -i wlan0 p2p_peers
# ./wpa_cli -i wlan0 p2p_connect 00:0a:79:6b:65:2e pbc
(Kernel panic)

I tried three times. They resulted in kernel panic. I could not
salvage kernel and wpa_supplicant log any time. My linux kernel is
2.6.26. The mac80211 is compat-wireless-2010-11-22.tar.bz2.

The wireless card of GO is this (lspci log).
01:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)

My question is
1. Is joining to existing P2P Group functionality supported ?
2. If so, my operation is correct ?

Masashi Honma.

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