hostapd on multiple VAPs

Andriy Tkachuk andrit
Tue Nov 9 00:36:40 PST 2010


please read "Multiple BSSID support" section in hostapd.conf file;a=blob;f=hostapd/hostapd.conf


On 07.11.2010 14:27, Queenie de Melo wrote:
> Hi,
> If i have multiple VAPs(Access Points) created,
> Each VAP will have separate ESSID etc.... and i want to maintain each 
> of them as a separate connection.
> Do i have to run multiple instance of Hostapd for each of the VAP?
> While reading on the net, i found that we need not have multiple 
> instance but we can obtain this witha  single instance , by giving the 
> diff configuration files while running hostapd. 
> (
> How do we give different configuration files while running hostapd?
> I read in the below,
> <>
> That  with *set* *hostap* *interface* you can set the diff interfaces 
> u want to run hostapd on? so i assume i have to sepcify here all the 
> vaps i want the hostapd to run on...
> But how to i create and run differnet configuration files for each 
> interface in hostapd??
> Please help!
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