Use wpa_cli as NetworkManager replacement

Curtis Larsen curtlarsen
Wed May 12 00:03:29 PDT 2010


I am not a developer, just a user that has several reasons to replace 
ubuntu's network manager with something like wpa_supplicant with wpa_cli:

- It connects faster (In general I would say 2-3x faster than ubuntu NM)
- It lets me specify 5Ghz band = double throughput at work.
- It gives me text/debug output for troubleshooting.

However; I cannot seem to find documentation for how to integrate 
wpa_cli with wpa_supplicant the way I would like to.

I would simply like to be able to launch it from the CLI, have it prompt 
for my username/password (at work), or PSK (at home), and see the debug 
text while it authenticates, connects, and grabs DHCP.

The closest thing I have found to this is something like this:  ...but I cannot even get 
wpa_supplicant to prompt me for a PSK so far.

Is this even possible?  Could someone walk me through the basic steps to 
make wpa_supplicant return the wpa_cli prompt for UN or PSK like this, 
or point me to some documentation on this?

(Right now I run the ./wpa_supplicant command,then dhclient to get dhcp 
which works great but I want something more automated that maybe doesn't 
leave my password or PSK in a text file)



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