Seamless roaming with ath5k

mammana at mammana
Fri May 7 14:01:39 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I just bought some Access point with IAPP (also named 802.11f) feature enabled.
All my APs are configured using the same ESSID in WPA2/AES on differents channel and on the same network...
My laptop works on my wireless network but each time I move from an AP to another one, I have small disconnections (4/5 seconds).

So, now I'm trying to enable seamless roaming on my laptop (ubuntu server 10.04 / Atheros, driver ath5k).

It seems wpa_supplicant needs to send reassociation request each time I moves to another AP but its logs shows diassociation and association with full reauth..

Could you help me ?

Sorry for my poor english :/

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