WPA2-PSK and WPA2-EAP combined SSID

M. Braun michael-dev
Wed May 5 07:27:12 PDT 2010


I wanted to use a single SSID to provide WPA2-PSK and
WPA2-802.1X secured wifi to prevent SSID cluttering and to avoid
multiple wpa2 interfaces with the ath9k driver (which has issues pending).
This works fine with wpa_supplicant and MacOS 10.4,
but not with iPhone-OS 3 or MacOS 10.6.
Sniffing the packages it seems that the SSID is announced
with PSK and EAP, the iPod touch then connects with
the PSK bit set and next tries to do 802.1X authentication
which is ignored by hostapd (correctly).

Does anybody know if providing 802.1X and PSK secured WPA
on a single SSID is a valid configuration (and therefore
MacOS is the cause of the trouble).

 Michael Braun

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