Hostapd 0.7.2 fails eap authentication when using wired driver.

Kenneth Watson Ken.Watson
Tue May 4 09:21:26 PDT 2010


	I was able to use the hostapd and wpa_supplicant from 0.6.10
successfully using the wired drivers, but when I tried using them from
the 0.7.2 release, the eap authentication fails.  I can see

 1. an EAP_START frame from the supplicant arrive
 2. an IDENTITY request sent from hostapd to the supplicant
 3. a Response from the supplicant to the IDENTITY request

At this point, the response is essentially thrown away in
ieee802_1x_receieve().  A check of sta->flags to see if the received
frame is from an associated station exists in this function, that does
not exist in the 0.6.10 version fof ieee802_1x.c.  Where should this
flag be set for a wired interface, or should the check here take into
account that I'm using a wired interface?


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