WPS PIN timeout in wpa_supplicant

marten.wikstrom at keystream.se marten.wikstrom
Tue Jun 22 05:54:21 PDT 2010

> Indeed the timeout for PIN connection is not clear for WPA WPS spec, but
> how long do you propose to wait? There must be some timeout for it as
> well as for PBC. The device shouldn't stuck in the loop forever trying
> to connect to the AP, right?

Must there be a timeout? Is that the intention of the WPS spec? It makes
sense for WPS PBC, but not necessarily for WPS PIN. In my case the device
could very well be waiting for WPS PIN request for a long time. It has a
push-button but that button is used for WPS PBC and it doesnt seem to be
possible to run wps_pbc and wps_pin concurrently.



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