WPS PIN timeout in wpa_supplicant

marten.wikstrom at keystream.se marten.wikstrom
Tue Jun 22 02:03:57 PDT 2010


I have a question regarding the timeout of 120 seconds for wps_pin command
in wpa_cli. Does this timeout come from the WPS specification or is it
just chosen the same as the timeout for WPS PBC? Alas, I have not access
to the specification so I can not check myself. I

The reason for the question is that I'm trying to fit in wps support in an
embedded system without user interface and a PIN printed on a label. As I
understand WPS PIN, the user should only have to enter the PIN of the
device in the AP and then everything should be configured automatically
from there. But if I start wpa_supplicant and wps_pin when the device
boots, it will stop working after two minutes. Am I missing something
here? Is there another way to do it? Obviously I can make a two-minute
loop and restart wps_pin every other minute, but to me it doesnt feel to
be the right way.


M?rten Wikstr?m

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