WPS with many WPS enabled APs

Patrik Lahti plahti
Thu Jun 17 12:20:34 PDT 2010


I've been trying out WPS PIN with wpa_supplicant-0.6.10 and it's quite 
nice, thanks for supporting this convenient way of configuring wifi 

One thing that I'm wondering about is: It seems that wpa_supplicant 
takes scan results and attempts to do the WPS exchange with APs with 
"[WPS]" in the scan results in the order they appear. I.e. it'll attempt 
the first WPS AP a few times, and if that fails it'll move on the next 
WPS AP, and so on...

The potential problem is that when there are many APs with announcing 
[WPS] it may take a while to get to the actual AP which I've punched in 
the PIN number into, and so it might time out... My AP (most APs?) time 
out the WPS PIN operation after 120sec, so depending on how long each 
attempt takes, there is a limit on the number of WPS APs that can be 
ahead of the relevant AP in the scan results.

Is this just a known limitation of WPS? Is this the fault of the driver 
presenting the scan results in the wrong way? Or not presenting 
up-to-date scan results as expected by wpa_supplicant? Or is there an 
improvement to wpa_supplicants scanning algorithm that's possible?


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